Christine Facon MA

MA Cantab Dip ANEA
STSD Public Speaking and Communications


Public Speaking and Voice Coaching


Public Speaking and Voice Coaching

Do you dread speaking in public or try to avoid it? Or are you a parent conscious that your child needs confident public speaking skills to maximise their potential in this increasingly competitive world? There is no doubt that the ability to speak with confidence and authority is a wonderful skill. It allows us to showcase to the world our personality and talents and offers people the chance to reach their full potential in life.


The fear and anxiety we experience when speaking in front of an audience is natural. None of us relish the feelings of vulnerability or fear of failure that it exposes. But with good technique and practice these can be overcome and a confident ,charismatic public speaker emerges.

Public speaking

What do I offer?

  • One to one lessons allowing focused training in complete privacy.
  • Structured lessons teaching techniques to reduce anxiety and improve relaxation during a speech.
  • Practice in voice projection and tonal variety.
  • Learning or consolidating techniques to maximise rapport with the audience.
  • Training with structured tasks using either a dramatic piece or prose. Or I can prepare students for LAMDA or New Era exams.